A Strong Need For CBD in Utah

What’s CBD used for? Why do people need CBD? What are the top reasons why CBD oil is in such high demand all over the world? These questions are common and for valid reasons as there is a strong need for CBD. The cannabinoid provides a wide variety of properties and benefits to users, and is also non-psychoactive. Thus, this is an ideal form of medicine for children. Nowadays, various forms of epilepsy and seizure disorders are surfacing, especially in the lives of kids. As a result, many parents aren’t keen on giving their child a pharmaceutical medication or multiple medications. This can make them cognitively loopy and/or worsen their current situation.

Therefore, CBD has received a lot of attention for its non-psychoactive benefits, especially in the state of Utah. However, CBD oil and medicinal cannabis are difficult to attain in Utah, but that may change this year.

Current Utah Cannabis Laws

Moreover, the majority of Utah residents have expressed their strong support for a state medical cannabis program. Utahans have also expressed the strong need for CBD, especially for young children. However, Utah lawmakers have decided to ignore the needs of their residents. They did this by choosing to study the effectiveness of cannabis instead of legalization.

Despite the release of countless studies demonstrating the medicinal properties of cannabis, the plant remains illegal in Utah. In particular, the possession of as little as an ounce or less of marijuana could result in a six-month jail sentence.

Utah’s Decision to Study Cannabis Instead of Legalization

Rather than medically legalizing cannabis, a bill was passed last year, which authorizes further research of the benefits and risks of marijuana. Overall, Utah legislators have refused to authorize medical cannabis usage despite the countless suffering residents living in the state. Therefore, Utah activists, advocacy groups, and other pro-cannabis individuals have started acting on a (non-smoking) cannabis legalization program since lawmakers won’t make a move.

Status of CBD Accessibility in Utah

Due to the large number of young Utah residents with epilepsy and/or seizure disorders, it’s clear as to why there’s such a strong need for CBD. Therefore, in 2014, Utah put a plan in place that allows certain patients to access CBD oil. However, this is about as far as laws providing access have come. This is a step in the right direction. But there are many regulations and rules individuals must follow if they want to receive legal access to CBD oil.

In particular, many Utah families including the Cromars have expressed their frustration with attaining legal CBD oil. The following was stated in a St. George Utah News article about this matter,

“There are a lot of restrictions here that don’t allow us to get what he needs. Only CBD oils are allowed – provided you have state-approved documentation to use it – and even then, you have to travel out of state to get some because production within Utah remains illegal.”

With this being said, Utah’s CBD laws often result in difficulties for families to legally access CBD oil. So far, the oil form of CBD is the only product allowed.

Although CBD oil on its own is beneficial, depending on each person’s needs, other forms of CBD could be more effective. In general, though, there’s a strong need for CBD by people throughout the whole state.

However, since Utah doesn’t allow the legal usage of any other CBD based product, many Utah families are relocating to Colorado to legally attain the cannabis and CBD products they need.

Utah Families’ Decision to Move to Colorado to Attain CBD

As briefly mentioned above, every individual has their own specific needs and wants. Also, the reasons for using cannabis and CBD differ from person to person. For example, the Cromar family have a son who has a rare form of epilepsy. Because of Utah’s limited CBD laws, the father, David Cromar decided to move his family from Utah to Colorado. He made this decision so that his son could legally use other cannabinoids besides CBD like CBN and other cannabis oil extracts.

However, the Cromars aren’t the only Utah family who have relocated to Colorado recently due to the needs of their child. For example, the Koozers have a daughter named Piper who has Aicardi syndrome, which is a rare form of epilepsy. Since Piper experiences so many seizures daily, she needs to consume cannabis oil because of its significant results. As a result of Utah’s difficult accessibility to other forms of CBD and medical cannabis, the Koozers uprooted their lives and moved to Colorado.

The Cromars and the Koozers are two families out of a migration of families who are medical refugees. In other words, these families have no other choice but to cross state borders and relocate to a state where medical cannabis and CBD is legal and easy to attain. Each of these families’ children have a very strong need for CBD and other cannabinoids, and Colorado can accommodate them unlike Utah.

Although many other U.S. states have recreationally legalized cannabis, Colorado has shown to be the top go-to state for people to attain high CBD extracts that are low in THC. Luckily, Infinite CBD products are available worldwide for straight to your door delivery.



Couples everywhere want to be having better sex. Whether they express that to their partner is another story. While discussing sex, sexual preferences, and trying something new can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be extreme or foreign. If you want to cuddle up this winter improve your sex life, you only really need one thing. What to have better sex? Start using CBD.

CBD Decreases Sexual Anxiety

Sexual anxiety comes between many couples in the bedroom. While the causes of sexual anxiety can range from performance anxiety to generalized anxiety and stress, it becomes frustrating. While many couples turn to pharmaceuticals to help them overcome sexual anxiety, it isn’t always as effective or pleasurable as they might hope.

For years, CBD has been studied in regards to its impact on anxiety. Due to its effect on the same mechanisms in the brain that lead to anxiety, CBD has been found to be an effective and natural alternative to many common anxiety disorders. If sexual anxiety is impacting your sex life, taking CBD can help to relieve your anxiety and rejuvenate your sexual prowess.

CBD Stimulates Sex Hormones

Sometimes, getting in the mood can be hard. When stress, work, kids, or life-transitions get in between your and your partner, it puts on even more pressure. While like can surely get in the way of your sex hormones kicking in, it doesn’t have too.

CBD naturally stimulates sex hormones. It’s been found that both men and women benefit sexually from taking CBD. From a biological perspective, CBD plays a significant role in arousal and the release of essential sex hormones when sexual encounters begin. Rather than turning to pharmaceuticals, couples everywhere can benefit from taking CBD to stimulate their sex hormones, jump-starting the action.

CBD Increases Sexual Pleasure

Sex is supposed to be fun, right?

For many people, due to chronic pain or lingering injuries, sex isn’t always very pleasurable, and can actually be rather painful. While many couples try to work around these injuries or try their best not to provoke them, this can damper the exciting spontaneity that often comes with sex.

As a well-studied anti-inflammatory, CBD increases sexual comfort. By alleviating pain from the source, CBD can help you to focus on sexual pleasure rather than focusing on pain.

Why CBD?

There are thousands of products on the market promising better sex, higher levels of sexual pleasure, and improved sex life. Unfortunately, many of these products contain unnatural components, which have significant and sometimes frightening sexual side-effects. Rather than having better sex, couples end up embarrassed, frustrated, or even in pain.

CBD’s natural ability to help both men and women decrease sexual anxiety, stimulate sex hormones and make sex more pleasurable makes for better sex.

Infinite CBD offers a variety of CBD products that can be taken daily or even integrated into foreplay. With so many natural options at your fingertips, why seek anything else?

Want to have better sex? Start using CBD. You will love it, and so will your partner.



CBD-infused Coffee: A Naturally Caffeinated yet Energizing Boost

Are you a coffee drinker, a tea drinker, or both? Do you need an energy boost every morning to start your day? Are you a Starbucks and/or Dunkin Donuts regular? Or, do you make your own home-made coffee at the start of your day? According to a 2013 National Coffee Association survey published by USAToday, it was found that in the U.S., 83 percent of adults consume coffee, which is up from 78 percent in 2012. This equates to an average of three cups of coffee a day per person or 587 million cups of coffee.

Recently though, a different twist has been put on coffee. This consists of combining the coffee bean with CBD.

About CBD-infused Coffee

Within the cannabis industry, various cannabinoid infused drinks and foods exist. However, CBD-infused coffee is different from the rest for a handful of reasons. One main reason is because CBD is non-psychoactive. Therefore, users won’t feel a cerebral high after drinking a cup of this cannabinoid infused coffee. Cannabis-infused coffee beverages are sold in different U.S. states, and many deliver a high/cerebral buzz after consumption. Whereas, CBD-infused coffee provides therapeutic and medical benefits to users without them feeling cognitively impaired.

Health Benefits of CBD-infused Coffee & Consumer Takeaways

On its own, CBD contains numerous medicinal properties and therapeutic benefits. However, when CBD is combined with coffee, other medicinal benefits can be delivered to users. A handful of health benefits of CBD-infused coffee include an antioxidant boost, pain-relief, inflammation relief, anxiety relief, depression relief, anti-spasmatic, anti-tumoral, and anti-bacterial properties.

In general, pain-relief is one of the most common reasons why people consume CBD. CBD-infused coffee consumers have reported that their chronic pain subsided, their mood and mental state of mind improved, and their general sense of physical and emotional well-being improved, as mentioned in the same Marijuana Break article. It was also reported that CBD-infused coffee elevated individuals’ mood, increased mental acuity, and promoted general productivity. Some people even reported that CBD-infused coffee worked well with coffee because it reduced cases of the “jitters”.

Benefits of Consuming CBD-infused Coffee and Coffee Overall

Not only does CBD contain numerous health benefits, but coffee does as well, and the combination of CBD and coffee produces positive effects. Recently, it has been found that caffeine and CBD could have some synergistic effects, according to a study by the National Institute of Health. Specifically, in the study, it was discovered that caffeine protects against memory loss induced by a high anxiolytic dose of CBD in zebra fish. Zebra fish are very different from humans, but they have responses to CBD that’s similar to other animal models.

Additionally, the study’s discovery suggests that caffeine could be a potentially useful additive for CBD therapies because of their synergistic effects. The study’s researchers concluded that long-term caffeine consumption protects against memory loss associated with extremely high CBD doses.

Aside from these health benefits, CBD effectively eases anxiety. Therefore, CBD could be helpful in balancing out the occasional overly stimulating effects from caffeine consumption, according to Learn Green Flower. It’s possible for caffeine to trigger anxiety attacks and rapid heart rates. As a result, an adrenaline release occurs within the body. Adrenaline promotes stress and anxiety in addition to triggering the body’s flight or fight response. However, CBD can counteract these effects, and CBD-infused coffee can provide stimulation and energy minus the edge.

Additional Medicinal Benefits of CBD-infused Coffee

On a similar note, it has been discovered that low doses of CBD produce an energizing effect. This suggests the potential effects of CBD as a wake-promoting agent, according to a National Institute of Health study. Also, CBD promotes and inspires a sense of well-being, which can be beneficial for those struggling with mental health issues. Regarding coffee though, according to a 2011 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, it was found that coffee contains certain mood-lifting properties.

Lastly, CBD and coffee have been found to be super-foods because they contain antioxidants. CBD is an extremely potent antioxidant, and it’s so powerful that the U.S. government patented cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. However, many compounds within coffee including caffeine contain antioxidants as well.

Consuming CBD-infused Coffee

Adding CBD to your coffee is easier than you would think. Although there are many companies combining CBD with coffee beans, you can simply just add a Dropper to your coffee. Using CBD products that you already have around the house allows you to benefits from its effects while you still get to enjoy your favorite roast and blend of coffee beans.

2 Simple Steps

Brew your favorite cup of coffee
Add your desired amount of your Infinite CBD Dropper
Enjoy a delicious cup of CBD-infused coffee

Next time you want to feel uplifted, energized, and/or productive, consider drinking CBD-infused coffee in place of your usual cup of coffee. Or, consider consuming CBD-infused coffee in addition to your usual coffee intake to experience numerous medicinal properties and therapeutic benefits.



Pet owners everywhere are seeking natural ways to increase their pet’s quality of life. Many owners, and have considered giving CBD to their dogs due to the potential benefits. But is CBD for dogs beneficial or just a fad? Let’s consider the research.

CBD for Dogs: The Research

Like humans, all animals have an endocannabinoid system. This means that dogs, like humans, are able to digest, process, and provide CBD and other cannabinoids to areas of need.

Currently, most of the CBD research being done is conducted on rats. This provides us with an animal application when considering the potential benefits of CBD for dogs.

Like humans, dogs and other animals undergo stress. Stress in animals can lead to disruptive behavior, lethargy, and anxiety. Studies suggest that CBD has an anxiolytic effect on animals who are experiencing stress and anxiety.

In addition, dogs and other pets also have allergies. Allergies can affect your pet’s activity level and eating habits. Research demonstrates that CBD helps to open airways when allergic responses are initiated.

In 2018, Cornell University conducted a study exploring the clinical efficacy of CBD treatment for dogs with osteoporosis. No side effects were observed, and the conclusions of the study suggest that CBD helped increase comfort and activity level in dogs with osteoporosis.

These findings might come as no surprise since CBD is a natural and effective anti-inflammatory. Studies have found that CBD reduces inflammation in animals, helping to alleviate pain from arthritis.

CBD for dogs, according to the research, can be an effective way to relieve pet anxiety and reduce inflammation and pain caused by osteoporosis and arthritis. If you want to increase your pet’s quality of life, CBD is a natural option.

Giving CBD to Pets

Pets are an extension of our family, which is why it’s important for you to consider whether CBD is right for your pet.

Pets with anxiety can cause a disruption in your home. Depending on how your pet responds to anxiety, it may be calm and tired or it could have unsettling outbursts. It’s important to talk to your vet about what you can do to curb this behavior, identify triggers, and help you pet to feel more settled; CBD can play a role in your plan to address it.

Allergies can affect pets in different ways. Allergies can impact a pet’s appetite, ability to play, and cause pesky ear infections and skin conditions. Your vet can provide you with the tools necessary to prevent allergy symptoms, and CBD can help.

Osteoporosis and arthritis can range in severity from pet to pet based on age, breed, and lifestyle. Research suggests that CBD can help to relieve some of the pain associated with these common pet conditions, but it can’t cure them. If you’re pet’s OA or arthritis is dilapidating, talk to your vet about all of the treatment options.

Giving CBD to Your Dog and Other Pets

So, you’ve decided to start giving CBD to your dog and other pets.

There are many CBD products on the market, but few hold themselves to the highest standards. Infinite CBD lab-tests all of it’s CBD isolate and shares its certificates of analysis on our site. That way, you can ensure that your pet is getting the purest CBD on the market.

Pet Droppers are easy to integrate into your pet’s routine. Droppers come in bottles of small, medium, and large-sized animals, so you can cater the experience to best fit your dog’s needs. You can add droppers to your pet’s water or food – it doesn’t have any distinct flavors, so if you have a picky pet, no worries. If your dog has a rash, you can also apply droppers directly to their skin for targeted relief.

CBD Makes Dogs Happy

The verdict’s out. CBD has numerous potential benefits for dogs and other pets. Contrary to what you might have thought, CBD isn’t a new pet fad.

If you’re looking to increase your pet’s quality of life, it’s time to add CBD to their daily routine.