New CBD products continue to flood the market, but which CBD products are delicious and effective? CBD gummies reviews Infinite CBD’s Asteroids. This overview provides consumers with a sneak peek of what one could expect to experience when taking CBD gummies.

Before Taking CBD Gummies

I have always been an active and healthy person. I take walks, ride my bike, and go on regular hikes. As a former college athlete, I definitely have my aches and pains. Sometimes my knees, lower back, and elbow like to give me some trouble – it’s not dilapidating, just bothersome.

I have an average amount of energy. I help run 3 businesses, so it can be hard to find the balance and energy to have a social life. This definitely impacts my mood and desire to be social. Anxiety has become something I have to deal with on a regular basis.


Asteroids have surprisingly good flavors. I’ve tried other CBD gummies and candies, and these flavors are different. It doesn’t taste too sugary or overwhelming. It’s a nice balance of flavors, and doesn’t make me feel icky. I like too that multiple flavors come in a package. I think lime is my favorite, but having a variety to choose from is really nice.


I’ve always felt like CBD gummies fall on a spectrum. They’re either too soft, or they feel too hard (almost like a taffy or hard-candy). Asteroids fall right in the middle. They’re not too hard or too soft. They can be chewed easily, which was great when I had oral surgery a few months ago. They’re also thick enough that you can kind of let them melt in your mouth if you have some self-control (it can be hard!).


Infinite CBD recently changed with Asteroid packaging, and I love it! The new packaging is resealable. Before, they came in a tray, and while they didn’t get dried out, they definitely firmed up a bit. The new resealable bag keeps them fresh. It’s also easy to store in a handbag or backpack.

After Taking CBD Gummies

I’ve noticed a number of changes since taking CBD gummies regularly.

I take 1 Asteroid in the morning before I begin my work day. I’ve found that my focus, especially in the morning, has been better than ever before. I need less breaks and feel increasingly productive. While I continue to work hard, I have noticed a decrease in my anxiety. I don’t get agitated as easily, which has not only helped me become more social, but makes me feel calmer in social situations.

I have continued to live my active lifestyle, but don’t experience as many physical hiccups. My knees have been feeling great, and my lower back and elbow don’t hurt as much. I have definitely been able to push myself a bit more, and recently started rock climbing.

Overall Benefits

With Asteroids, I feel more focused throughout the day and experience less anxiety. My body also experiences fewer aches and pains, which helps me to continue enjoying the outdoors.

I’ve tried and conducted many CBD Gummies Reviews. With Asteroids, I’ve found the most relief.