Couples everywhere want to be having better sex. Whether they express that to their partner is another story. While discussing sex, sexual preferences, and trying something new can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be extreme or foreign. If you want to cuddle up this winter improve your sex life, you only really need one thing. What to have better sex? Start using CBD.

CBD Decreases Sexual Anxiety

Sexual anxiety comes between many couples in the bedroom. While the causes of sexual anxiety can range from performance anxiety to generalized anxiety and stress, it becomes frustrating. While many couples turn to pharmaceuticals to help them overcome sexual anxiety, it isn’t always as effective or pleasurable as they might hope.

For years, CBD has been studied in regards to its impact on anxiety. Due to its effect on the same mechanisms in the brain that lead to anxiety, CBD has been found to be an effective and natural alternative to many common anxiety disorders. If sexual anxiety is impacting your sex life, taking CBD can help to relieve your anxiety and rejuvenate your sexual prowess.

CBD Stimulates Sex Hormones

Sometimes, getting in the mood can be hard. When stress, work, kids, or life-transitions get in between your and your partner, it puts on even more pressure. While like can surely get in the way of your sex hormones kicking in, it doesn’t have too.

CBD naturally stimulates sex hormones. It’s been found that both men and women benefit sexually from taking CBD. From a biological perspective, CBD plays a significant role in arousal and the release of essential sex hormones when sexual encounters begin. Rather than turning to pharmaceuticals, couples everywhere can benefit from taking CBD to stimulate their sex hormones, jump-starting the action.

CBD Increases Sexual Pleasure

Sex is supposed to be fun, right?

For many people, due to chronic pain or lingering injuries, sex isn’t always very pleasurable, and can actually be rather painful. While many couples try to work around these injuries or try their best not to provoke them, this can damper the exciting spontaneity that often comes with sex.

As a well-studied anti-inflammatory, CBD increases sexual comfort. By alleviating pain from the source, CBD can help you to focus on sexual pleasure rather than focusing on pain.

Why CBD?

There are thousands of products on the market promising better sex, higher levels of sexual pleasure, and improved sex life. Unfortunately, many of these products contain unnatural components, which have significant and sometimes frightening sexual side-effects. Rather than having better sex, couples end up embarrassed, frustrated, or even in pain.

CBD’s natural ability to help both men and women decrease sexual anxiety, stimulate sex hormones and make sex more pleasurable makes for better sex.

Infinite CBD offers a variety of CBD products that can be taken daily or even integrated into foreplay. With so many natural options at your fingertips, why seek anything else?

Want to have better sex? Start using CBD. You will love it, and so will your partner.