A Strong Need For CBD in Utah

What’s CBD used for? Why do people need CBD? What are the top reasons why CBD oil is in such high demand all over the world? These questions are common and for valid reasons as there is a strong need for CBD. The cannabinoid provides a wide variety of properties and benefits to users, and is also non-psychoactive. Thus, this is an ideal form of medicine for children. Nowadays, various forms of epilepsy and seizure disorders are surfacing, especially in the lives of kids. As a result, many parents aren’t keen on giving their child a pharmaceutical medication or multiple medications. This can make them cognitively loopy and/or worsen their current situation.

Therefore, CBD has received a lot of attention for its non-psychoactive benefits, especially in the state of Utah. However, CBD oil and medicinal cannabis are difficult to attain in Utah, but that may change this year.

Current Utah Cannabis Laws

Moreover, the majority of Utah residents have expressed their strong support for a state medical cannabis program. Utahans have also expressed the strong need for CBD, especially for young children. However, Utah lawmakers have decided to ignore the needs of their residents. They did this by choosing to study the effectiveness of cannabis instead of legalization.

Despite the release of countless studies demonstrating the medicinal properties of cannabis, the plant remains illegal in Utah. In particular, the possession of as little as an ounce or less of marijuana could result in a six-month jail sentence.

Utah’s Decision to Study Cannabis Instead of Legalization

Rather than medically legalizing cannabis, a bill was passed last year, which authorizes further research of the benefits and risks of marijuana. Overall, Utah legislators have refused to authorize medical cannabis usage despite the countless suffering residents living in the state. Therefore, Utah activists, advocacy groups, and other pro-cannabis individuals have started acting on a (non-smoking) cannabis legalization program since lawmakers won’t make a move.

Status of CBD Accessibility in Utah

Due to the large number of young Utah residents with epilepsy and/or seizure disorders, it’s clear as to why there’s such a strong need for CBD. Therefore, in 2014, Utah put a plan in place that allows certain patients to access CBD oil. However, this is about as far as laws providing access have come. This is a step in the right direction. But there are many regulations and rules individuals must follow if they want to receive legal access to CBD oil.

In particular, many Utah families including the Cromars have expressed their frustration with attaining legal CBD oil. The following was stated in a St. George Utah News article about this matter,

“There are a lot of restrictions here that don’t allow us to get what he needs. Only CBD oils are allowed – provided you have state-approved documentation to use it – and even then, you have to travel out of state to get some because production within Utah remains illegal.”

With this being said, Utah’s CBD laws often result in difficulties for families to legally access CBD oil. So far, the oil form of CBD is the only product allowed.

Although CBD oil on its own is beneficial, depending on each person’s needs, other forms of CBD could be more effective. In general, though, there’s a strong need for CBD by people throughout the whole state.

However, since Utah doesn’t allow the legal usage of any other CBD based product, many Utah families are relocating to Colorado to legally attain the cannabis and CBD products they need.

Utah Families’ Decision to Move to Colorado to Attain CBD

As briefly mentioned above, every individual has their own specific needs and wants. Also, the reasons for using cannabis and CBD differ from person to person. For example, the Cromar family have a son who has a rare form of epilepsy. Because of Utah’s limited CBD laws, the father, David Cromar decided to move his family from Utah to Colorado. He made this decision so that his son could legally use other cannabinoids besides CBD like CBN and other cannabis oil extracts.

However, the Cromars aren’t the only Utah family who have relocated to Colorado recently due to the needs of their child. For example, the Koozers have a daughter named Piper who has Aicardi syndrome, which is a rare form of epilepsy. Since Piper experiences so many seizures daily, she needs to consume cannabis oil because of its significant results. As a result of Utah’s difficult accessibility to other forms of CBD and medical cannabis, the Koozers uprooted their lives and moved to Colorado.

The Cromars and the Koozers are two families out of a migration of families who are medical refugees. In other words, these families have no other choice but to cross state borders and relocate to a state where medical cannabis and CBD is legal and easy to attain. Each of these families’ children have a very strong need for CBD and other cannabinoids, and Colorado can accommodate them unlike Utah.

Although many other U.S. states have recreationally legalized cannabis, Colorado has shown to be the top go-to state for people to attain high CBD extracts that are low in THC. Luckily, Infinite CBD products are available worldwide for straight to your door delivery.