CBD-infused Coffee: A Naturally Caffeinated yet Energizing Boost

Are you a coffee drinker, a tea drinker, or both? Do you need an energy boost every morning to start your day? Are you a Starbucks and/or Dunkin Donuts regular? Or, do you make your own home-made coffee at the start of your day? According to a 2013 National Coffee Association survey published by USAToday, it was found that in the U.S., 83 percent of adults consume coffee, which is up from 78 percent in 2012. This equates to an average of three cups of coffee a day per person or 587 million cups of coffee.

Recently though, a different twist has been put on coffee. This consists of combining the coffee bean with CBD.

About CBD-infused Coffee

Within the cannabis industry, various cannabinoid infused drinks and foods exist. However, CBD-infused coffee is different from the rest for a handful of reasons. One main reason is because CBD is non-psychoactive. Therefore, users won’t feel a cerebral high after drinking a cup of this cannabinoid infused coffee. Cannabis-infused coffee beverages are sold in different U.S. states, and many deliver a high/cerebral buzz after consumption. Whereas, CBD-infused coffee provides therapeutic and medical benefits to users without them feeling cognitively impaired.

Health Benefits of CBD-infused Coffee & Consumer Takeaways

On its own, CBD contains numerous medicinal properties and therapeutic benefits. However, when CBD is combined with coffee, other medicinal benefits can be delivered to users. A handful of health benefits of CBD-infused coffee include an antioxidant boost, pain-relief, inflammation relief, anxiety relief, depression relief, anti-spasmatic, anti-tumoral, and anti-bacterial properties.

In general, pain-relief is one of the most common reasons why people consume CBD. CBD-infused coffee consumers have reported that their chronic pain subsided, their mood and mental state of mind improved, and their general sense of physical and emotional well-being improved, as mentioned in the same Marijuana Break article. It was also reported that CBD-infused coffee elevated individuals’ mood, increased mental acuity, and promoted general productivity. Some people even reported that CBD-infused coffee worked well with coffee because it reduced cases of the “jitters”.

Benefits of Consuming CBD-infused Coffee and Coffee Overall

Not only does CBD contain numerous health benefits, but coffee does as well, and the combination of CBD and coffee produces positive effects. Recently, it has been found that caffeine and CBD could have some synergistic effects, according to a study by the National Institute of Health. Specifically, in the study, it was discovered that caffeine protects against memory loss induced by a high anxiolytic dose of CBD in zebra fish. Zebra fish are very different from humans, but they have responses to CBD that’s similar to other animal models.

Additionally, the study’s discovery suggests that caffeine could be a potentially useful additive for CBD therapies because of their synergistic effects. The study’s researchers concluded that long-term caffeine consumption protects against memory loss associated with extremely high CBD doses.

Aside from these health benefits, CBD effectively eases anxiety. Therefore, CBD could be helpful in balancing out the occasional overly stimulating effects from caffeine consumption, according to Learn Green Flower. It’s possible for caffeine to trigger anxiety attacks and rapid heart rates. As a result, an adrenaline release occurs within the body. Adrenaline promotes stress and anxiety in addition to triggering the body’s flight or fight response. However, CBD can counteract these effects, and CBD-infused coffee can provide stimulation and energy minus the edge.

Additional Medicinal Benefits of CBD-infused Coffee

On a similar note, it has been discovered that low doses of CBD produce an energizing effect. This suggests the potential effects of CBD as a wake-promoting agent, according to a National Institute of Health study. Also, CBD promotes and inspires a sense of well-being, which can be beneficial for those struggling with mental health issues. Regarding coffee though, according to a 2011 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, it was found that coffee contains certain mood-lifting properties.

Lastly, CBD and coffee have been found to be super-foods because they contain antioxidants. CBD is an extremely potent antioxidant, and it’s so powerful that the U.S. government patented cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. However, many compounds within coffee including caffeine contain antioxidants as well.

Consuming CBD-infused Coffee

Adding CBD to your coffee is easier than you would think. Although there are many companies combining CBD with coffee beans, you can simply just add a Dropper to your coffee. Using CBD products that you already have around the house allows you to benefits from its effects while you still get to enjoy your favorite roast and blend of coffee beans.

2 Simple Steps

Brew your favorite cup of coffee
Add your desired amount of your Infinite CBD Dropper
Enjoy a delicious cup of CBD-infused coffee

Next time you want to feel uplifted, energized, and/or productive, consider drinking CBD-infused coffee in place of your usual cup of coffee. Or, consider consuming CBD-infused coffee in addition to your usual coffee intake to experience numerous medicinal properties and therapeutic benefits.